Cheap gas Albuquerque NM

NM drivers take advantage of low gas prices
March 21, 2021 – 08:59 pm
gas prices

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ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Drivers have likely noticed gas prices under $2 a gallon at a many pumps throughout New Mexico, and with the cheap gas many people say they’re spending more on their families. So how long will it last?

From the people still working or getting ready for holiday trips, to the mom’s doing some last minute shopping almost everyone is doing a lot of a driving this week. However, cheap gas prices have virtually every driver doing the same thing: filling up.

New Mexico is among a good “lowest of low” right now with what analysts say is some of the cheapest gas in the nation.

“The statewide average in New Mexico is now 2.21, that price is 15 less than last week, ” said Doug Shupe, Senior Public Affairs Specialist for AAA New Mexico.

Shupe says New Mexico’s state average for a gallon of regular gas is about the 10th cheapest in the United States at about $2.21 per gallon. Albuquerque is among the lowest price in the state with many places now offering gas just under $2.

“I’m really so excited and amazed at the same time, ” said Shawqi Almaayn, who’s was spending more money on groceries Tuesday because of the gas prices.

AAA said the cheap gas is also pushing the most travelers ever, seven and a half-million people, to hit the road in New Mexico and seven other mountain states this season.

“It’s also the highest increase for this travel period that we’ve seen since 2009, ” said Shupe.

AAA said the low gas prices should last through the end of the holiday season, but it’s unclear if they’ll go any lower.

With the extra cash, a mother of two, Lauren Newsom Gonzales says she’s able to buy more for her family this holiday season. She’s also saving money filling up her SUV, which is costing around $30 to fuel up right now.

“It’s great you know for our pocket books, ” said Newsom Gonzales.

David Luna is expecting to drive 400 miles round trip to Red River this week.

Luna expecting to spend about a hundred dollars less in gas money this holiday season.

“It’s not going to be as expensive because that was a major cost of the trip so we do a lot of fishing, major cost was gas, ” said Luna, who lives in Los Lunas.

An Albuquerque driver, Tim Lopez is saving between 30 to 50 dollars each fill up. He says the extra money is going to gifts.

“Especially being the Christmas season, gifts and stocking-stuffers, so it has helped, ” said Lopez.

Barring any problems with with oil production, AAA New Mexico says prices could drop even more in the coming weeks. Albuquerque and Santa Fe have the cheapest gas in the state right now with an average of $2.05 per gallon of regular gas, however, many stations in Albuquerque are selling gas for under two dollars a gallon right now.

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