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Colorado Springs gas prices rank 4th lowest in the US
April 25, 2021 – 09:45 pm
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Here's more good news on the gas price front for motorists in the Pikes Peak region: Colorado Springs, which already has the lowest prices in the state, now is among the cheapest places in the nation to fill your tank.

The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in Colorado Springs stood at $1.721 as of Monday evening - fourth lowest among cities included in a survey by, which tracks prices in the United State and Canada.

Of the three cities with lower prices than the Springs, Kansas City, Mo., was the cheapest at $1.677, followed by Tulsa, Okla., at $1.685 and Lubbock, Texas, at $1.705.

"It's nice to be on that list and to make an appearance, " said Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst.

DeHaan speculated that cheaper crude from Canada is flowing into refineries that serve Colorado Springs, resulting in the Pikes Peak region's low prices.

While Colorado Springs enjoys some of the nation's cheapest gas, Denver and other Colorado cities might join that list as they benefit from lower-priced crude, DeHaan added.'s price survey, which relies on information relayed to the website from motorists, also shows:

- A 7-Eleven at Barnes Road and Tutt Boulevard and the Costco Wholesale Club near Barnes and Powers Boulevard, both on Colorado Springs' northeast side, were selling gas for $1.540 per gallon - cheapest in the area.

- Rudy's Country Store, 31st and Cimarron streets on the Springs' west side, had the area's lowest diesel price of $2.590 per gallon.

- In Colorado, regular unleaded averaged $1.873 per gallon, the seventh lowest in the country.

- Nationwide, regular unleaded averaged $2.047 per gallon.

A price survey by AAA, which tracks prices based on credit and debit card purchases, showed regular unleaded averaged $1.715 per gallon on Monday in Colorado Springs. That was the lowest among 10 metro areas in Colorado included in AAA's survey.

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