Electric Dryer VS Gas Dryer

Gas vs Electric Clothes Dryer – Which is More Cost Efficient?
June 8, 2013 – 12:08 pm

shutterstock_dryerClothes dryers are really quite basic. There’s a big drum spun by an electric motor whereby heat is generated in one of two ways; electricity or gas. Gas dryers tend to dry the clothes slightly faster, but only by a few minutes. So the question isn’t which is more efficient than the other, because they are both about the same. The question is operating costs.

What does makes a difference is how much it costs to create the heat which drys your clothes. And that’s what we’re going to focus on. The cost of electricity and natural gas vary greatly depending on where you live, so this is where you will have to do your homework. Go get an electric bill and a gas bill. Find the cost per kilowatt (kWh) and the cost per Therm (might also be measured in CCF) and write them down. We need to find out how much energy a gas dryer uses per load (usually measured in Therms or BTUs) and how much electricity an electric dryer uses per load (measured in kWh).

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Cost of operation depends on two things, how large your family is, and your location, (the cost of utilities in your area), and we have no way of knowing that. In most areas, however, gas would be slightly more economical under similar conditions, but slightly more expensive when repairs are needed. Electric dryers are a little simpler to work on.

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