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March 21, 2020 – 11:43 am

Figure WS-1 shows the general layout of these machines.

The front of the drum is supported by two small drum glides on top of the clothes port, which ride on the inside lip of the front of the drum. The rear of the drum is supported by a ball shaft in the center of the drum which rides in a plastic socket attached to the rear wall of the cabinet.

Figure WS-1: General Frigidaire Clothes Dryer Layout

The blower fan is attached directly to the front of the drive motor. The drive belt comes directly off the rear of the motor and goes completely around the drum. The motor and blower are mounted on the right side of the baseplate of the machine. A spring-loaded idler pulley, mounted directly to the motor baseplate, keeps tension on the belt.

In gas models, the burner is mounted on the lower left side of the baseplate. It is accessible by removing the kickplate. The single circular heater element of electric models is located in a housing behind the drum.

The operating thermostats in these machines are located in just inside the door, on the right side of the door sill. The high-limit thermostats are mounted on the upper right side of the duct behind the drum. All thermostats can be accessed by removing the top panel of the cabinet as described in section 7-4.


The most common problems in these machines are as follows:

1) Broken belts. The drum doesn't turn. Replace as described in section 7-4.

2) A loud growling noise, caused when the idler pulley seizes. Replace the idler arm as described in section 7-3.

3) Heating problems as described in Chapter 2. To access the gas burner, remove the kickplate as described in section 7-4. The heater element can be tested by lifting the cabinet top, but changing it requires drum removal.

4) A metal-to-metal scrubbing sound, caused when the front drum glides wear off, or the rear drum support wears out. Remove the front of the machine and drum as described in section 7-4. Replace the rear drum bearing or scrape off the old glides and felt seal and glue new ones on. Bearing and glide kits are available from your parts dealer.

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Frigidaire Gas Dryer not heating up. Other elements are all ok?

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