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June 24, 2020 – 01:05 pm
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Gas Fireplaces

A very popular choice for new construction and remodel jobs is the Direct Vent Gas Fireplace. Direct vent fireplaces are highly efficient, self-contained units. Different from wood-burning and masonry fireplaces, direct vent fireplaces do not require a full vertical chase. This opens up more options for placement and installation. Direct vent fireplaces are covered with a glass front which remains sealed when it is in use, and vents all exhaust fumes to the outside.

Explore links to the manufacturer’s units we carry. For an even more in depth look, come visit our showroom to see burning fireplaces on display. Our sales staff is here to help you consider all the options realistic to your application.


We recommend ANNUAL DIRECT VENT SERVICE on all direct vent products. We have a service technician on staff to provide this service. Call to schedule an appointment, 616-942-5388.


Gas logs are intended to take the place of wood-burning in traditional masonry or pre-fabricated fireplaces. They require a fully functioning chimney with proper draw and are used only with the damper and glass doors wide open. Gas logs present a very realistic alternative to burning wood while eliminating the mess and smell of ashes. The latest technology in gas logs creates a genuine feel to the fire complete with glowing embers and golden flames achieved simply by the turn of a knob.


Kett’s recommends that your have your direct vent fireplace serviced annually as a precautionary measure. The intention is to ensure proper operation to your fireplace and if necessary, to prevent any long term damage that might result from failure to detect a problem at early onset.

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  • The logs are steel reinforced, and made with lave granules and high heat ceramic refractory that is used to check rocket engines. Hearth Kit parts are mostly made...
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  • By 3 generations of designers, logs are designed, handwork manufactured in CA USA.
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  • Approved Certification is through OMNI TESTING LABORATORIES. Indoor gas logs sets have limited LIFETIME WARRANTY by manufacturer.
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Building indoor gas fireplace.

Hello Sonya,
 I deal mostly with masonry fireplaces, but this might help.You can frame in any insert you want, and leave the mantle off if that is what design you want.Run your lines like you would for a regular gas insert.Go to and has all the stuff you need for the aquatic glass and burners.Northline express has some nice looking ideas about fireplaces and Lennox has some nice inserts.Regards....Dwain

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