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Grill Review ~ STOK Quattro
March 16, 2020 – 11:34 am

One thing that’s hard about moving around the world is changing grills so often. Unless, you get a grill spotless, customs has issues with moving it across continents. We’re nearing retirement now, so I just invested in a STOK Quattro Grill…more on it in a moment.

My first grill was a cheapy, but lasted a few good stateside moves. I remember my first meal on that grill; I had no idea how to BBQ. I slathered up some chicken parts in BBQ sauce, cranked the grill to high and threw them on the grates. They caught on fire and were burnt to a crisp. I tried to serve them to my newlywed husband, and when he took his first bite, they were raw inside. My how times have changed. (“Thank God!” my husband interjects.)

I later invested in both an expensive grill that had a hard line connection to the gas line at our house and an extra large smoker, but I couldn’t take them with me to Europe. So in Belgium, I bought another crappy grill and a tiny smoker. We left both there and gave them to our Belgian neighbors.

When we moved to Texas, at first we settled with another cheap grill. A good grill really can make all the difference. We may have only spent $100 on the grill, but we easily ruined $100 in meat because the grill didn’t cook evenly. The steaks were far from restaurant quality.

So finally I talked my husband into an upgrade. After a lot of research, we decided on the STOK Quattro Grill. STOK stands for “Special Technology in Outdoor Kitchens.” This grill is only available at Home Depot and sells for 9, but Home Depot always offers a 10% military discount. The grill is created by Ryobi, the company who has made quality tools for years.

What do tools have to do with grills? Well, according to the STOK facebook page, “STOK is part of the TTI family (responsible for RYOBI, RIDIGD Power Tools, and Milwaukee). We are always looking for new challenges, so we decided to bring the innovation we are known for in Power Tools over to grills.”

Like many high-quality grills, the STOK Quattro has 4 individually controlled burners and 450 square inches of cooking space. It has an attractive sturdy stainless steel exterior and lots of cabinet space inside with spice racks and shelves.

What makes this grill stand above the rest though are all of its unique gadgets. It came with three interchangeable inserts: a vegetable tray, a pizza stone and a griddle.

Since it was Memorial Day, we quickly assembled the grill, which was quite easy with two people, one being my handy husband. We cranked this baby right up and grilled some rib-eyes. They were the best steaks we’ve had in years.

I rolled the dough out, formed an edge and topped it with seasoned eggs, cheese and chorizo.

Then, I slid it onto the preheated, cornmeal dusted pizza stone and grilled it until the crust was crispy on the edges and the eggs were cooked through.

It was so good.

We had some leftover steak from the night before, so next I used the vegetable tray to make fajitas, and at the same time, I used the griddle to make quesadillas. This grill is so versatile.

I was having so much fun, that I went back to Home Depot and bought two other inserts: the chicken roaster and the kabob and rib rack.

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BBQ Ribs on a Gas Grill? | Yahoo Answers

make sure you keep the temp between 220 and 270, also soak some wood chips and wrap them in aluminum foil, make a few holes with a knife and place it directly over the flames to get a nice smoke going. low and slow is the tempo.

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