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Honeywell Portable Generator
October 3, 2019 – 09:55 am

With extended hour capabilities and options from 5500 watts to 7500 watts, Honeywell Portable Gas Powered Generators offer solutions for a wide variety of needs. Honeywell Portable Generators provide the premier in home power solutions and immediate results for power outages caused by unexpected storms. You can sleep with absolute ease knowing that the food in your fridge won't spoil and your heat or A/C will remain functioning. Honeywell Portable Generators are also exceptional for powering outdoor events. They provide power for entertainment, lighting, and security. With warranties available on all models, improved durability on tubing and grips and easy to use controls, a Honeywell Portable Generator is an excellent option both for residential and commercial use.

Honeywell Portable Generators
  • Battery included with electric start models.
  • First bottle of engine oil and funnel included.
  • User friendly control panel.
  • Heavy duty wheels for increased durability.
  • Steel frame to protect engine from damage.
  • Residential 3 year limited warranty.
  • Commercial 1 year limited warranty.

Honeywell Portable Generators set the standard for performance and maneuverability. Exceptionally reliable, Portable Generators can be utilized in any number of settings. Whether it's having a backup plan for an unannounced disaster or having access to additional and transferable power for an outdoor get-together, Honeywell has you covered with its series of Portable Generators. Varying between 3, 250 to 7, 500 watts, these units have been selected to meet the individual requirements a consumer would place on a superior product. The Honeywell 5, 500 Watt 389cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator operates uninterrupted under extended periods of time and features an incredibly easy to access all-in-one control panel. The Honeywell 7, 500 Watt 420cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator with Electric Start adds an additional 2, 000 watts to the previous model and includes an even friendlier user interface. Intuitive by design, this model employs an especially hassle-free touch-button electric start. The sheer reliability and durability of Honeywell's series of Portable Generators makes them excellent candidates for residential or commercial use.

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