Gas v electric Power Washers

Gas vs Electric Pressure Washer – Pros vs Cons
September 22, 2020 – 02:51 pm

electric pressure washerWhen it comes to pressure washers, the verdict is still out over gas vs electric and which is best. There are some people who feel that gas is the only pressure washer worth having. Other people feel that they could not live without their electric pressure washer. Which one is best for you? Here is why you may decide to choose one over the other.

Electric Powered Pressure Washers

With an electric pressure washer, you will experience both pros and cons. The pros include the fact that it can be very powerful. Some electric pressure washers are up to 2000 PSI. However, they remain quiet. They are great for cleaning small items such as a vehicle, backyard grill, patio, pool area, and bikes. A lot of them have attachments to make them more powerful. They are lightweight and portable.

Many people prefer them because they are very low maintenance machines. Once you buy them, you are finished paying for them. You do not have to purchase gas or oil. There are no major parts that may need to be replaced.

gas pressure washerWith that, there are some things that people do not like. These machines are often cheaper in price and according to some people, cheap in quality. They are disposable. You do not buy an electric pressure washer and expect for it to last you for the next 10 years. A lot of people say that it is a tradeoff between the amount you would spend on gas and oil versus buying a new machine every few years.

There is also a potential downside to the fact that a power cord will limit where you are able to take your pressure washer. In most cases, it is recommended that you never use an extension cord to power your pressure washer. This could make it inconvenient if you have a fence that you want to pressure wash and it is farther away from your home where you have no power supply.

Overall, an electric pressure washer is ideal for most cleaning. They have the power to clean even the dirtiest areas without causing damage. If you simply want something that will get the job done, you may discover that you enjoy having a lightweight pressure washer.

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Gas Powered Pressure Washers

One of the best things about a gas powered pressure washer is that you can go anywhere that you want to go with it. They are heavy, but they often have wheels to help you with portability. These pressure washers do require you to perform maintenance on it. However, if you keep up with the routine maintenance, they may last you for many years.

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