Gas station sex pills

The Risks of Sexual Herbal Pills
December 30, 2014 – 10:09 am

Adult Pills, picture 1Last month, I was hanging out with a friend on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, CA. After dining at the Rainbow, we decided to go clothes shopping at the Hustler Hollywood store. Each time either of us were in a certain vicinity, an employee came up to us and touted the supposed effects of the herbal pills they sell there for sexual enhancement.

Sexual herbal pills at Hustler Hollywood in West Hollywood, CA

If you’ve set foot inside a gas station convenience store in the United States, you may have seen packets and bottles of herbal pills similar to the ones in the above photos. At first, we looked at the packaging just to see what they were claiming.Adults Pill, photo 2 Neither of us felt the need for these products, and we wouldn’t buy them without first looking up their effectiveness from reliable sources if we did. We’re both skeptics and sexual claims aren’t excluded from our fact checking. But before we had the chance to do that, a store employee walked over and started talking about how good the product we were looking at was, or how we should buy another concoction instead of the one we had in our hands.

Out of the dozens of pills on display, I only saw two that were supposed to be taken by women. The rest were for men. I asked about the Kangaroo pill in the women’s version. The employee we were talking to called another employee over who said that his girlfriend used them and they worked well.Adult Pills - Kangaroo He made vague claims about how her overall arousal was improved and how she was more enthusiastic during sex when she took them. We said we weren’t interested and continued shopping.

I later came back to the general area of the pills while my friend was trying on a corset. I wasn’t actually looking at the pills this time. I was holding a completely unrelated product, but was in the vicinity, when a different employee saw me. She walked over from the other side of the store and told me to try the Kangaroo pills. She said that she used it herself and that it was the best of all the similar pills she had tried.

I wasn’t interested in buying them, but I used the opportunity to see what was in these pills. When I see similar products at convenience stores, they are often placed in such a way that I can’t pick them up and read the label. So I checked the ingredients in the Kangaroo pills. All of the packets I saw had the price sticker over the ingredients list. I asked the employee if there was a way to uncover it because I didn’t want to buy them without knowing what was in them. She pulled back the sticker for me.

Each active ingredient is supposed to have sexual benefits, or is claimed to help athletic ability or mood, which would then supposedly have a positive effect during sex. For the sex-related claims, all of the ingredients fit under: Possibly effective but need further research, likely ineffective, or insufficient evidence.

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