Gas stations with DIESEL

Problem Solvers: Gas Station Selling Watery Diesel
August 25, 2019 – 06:41 am

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Wichita, Kan. - When Theresa Denison and her family stopped to fill up at Evans Corner gas station on 21st Street near Wichita State University they ended up putting several gallons of diesel fuel and water into the tank of their truck. Once she realized what happened, Theresa immediately notified gas station employees.

"I said, 'you have to shut off these pumps. Our vehicle just died we have to get towed, ' They said, 'no everything is fine'. And that was the end of it, " said Denison.

Theresa ended up calling KAKE News On Your Side and an employee put her in touch with Weights and Measures with the Kansas Department of Agriculture. A state inspector went to Evans Corner the following day and shut the down the diesel pump.

There was 4-inches of water in the diesel tank at the gas station, according to the inspection report filed by Weights and Measures.

When confronted about the issue with the fuel tank, gas station employees admitted there was water inside, but didn't know why. State officials with Weights and Measures aren't sure how the water entered the tank either.

Regardless, the problem with the diesel tank will have to be fixed before the state allows the pump to be turned back on.

The inspection at Evans Corner serves as an example of what all consumers should be looking out for at gas stations, says Weights and Measures officials.

- Check the yellow Weights and Measures Sticker on gas pumps. The date should be no older than 18 months. That's how often the state inspects each pump.

- Before you start pumping gas, make sure the meter is at zero so you don't pay for gas you haven't pumped.

- Look for any wet spots around the pump, which could indicate a leak.

If you notice any of the above gas station issues, contact Weights and Measures by visiting

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