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January 2, 2015 – 11:38 am

1. How do I replace starting striker switch on a tall patio heater?

2. How do I clean out carbon build up in the pilot feed tube?

3. How do I adjust pilot on portable table top and replace anti tilt on tall heater?

4. How do I adjust the pilot feed tube on tall heaters?

5. Where do I find Patio Heater Manuals?

The patio heater manuals for both the tall and table top products are available as follows:

6. Can I convert my LP gas patio heater into a natural gas patio heater?

NO. Our propane patio heaters are designed, tested and approved for propane use only. Conversion kits are not available by our corporation. Propane patio heater regulators supply 11” in a column of water and natural gas 7” to 10“. Also, propane gas line tubing is made of copper and must be stainless steel for
natural gas.

Can I purchase an adapter that will allow me to use a larger cylinder for my portable table top heater? You can purchase a 5' adapter hose that works off of a 20 lb propane tank from our web site or mass merchant.

7. Why won't my pilot light?

  1. Blockage in venturi tube that houses the pilot feed tube (very common for spiders to build webs which will block venturi feed tube. Burnt sentiment from pilot light will also block venturi tube (back out pilot feed tube and use pipe cleaner to remove debris. Use compressed air if possible to thoroughly clean.
  2. Pilot feed tube clogged (replace pilot feed tube)
  3. Propane tank empty or not open.
  4. Striker piazza switch not working (replace piazza switch)

8. Why is my burner flame low?

  1. Propane gas may be low. (Check propane level)
  2. Leakage at regulator and possibly with connection fittings (perform leak test)
  3. Outside temperature below 40 degree’s. (Wrap propane tank or move to warmer location)
  4. Faulty regulator (replace regulator)

9. Why does my propane bottle and regulator freeze up on my table top heater when using the 16oz cylinders?

  1. Very common problem with 16 oz disposable tanks. (When problem occurs reduce volume setting to allow propane to flow evenly to burner).
  2. You can purchase an 5' adapter hose that will convert your heater to 20 lb propane tank which will eliminate this problem.

10. Why does my pilot light, but goes out when heater is turned on high or low?

  1. Faulty Anti-Tilt switch (Disconnect the anti tilt switch and connect the two wires together for verification. If heater starts and performs properly replace the anti tilt switch)
  2. Faulty Thermocouple (Replace Thermocouple)

11. Why do I get a yellow flame and black smoke?

  1. Possible blockage in the burner venturi tube which houses your pilot feed tube. Clean the venturi tube buy backing out your pilot feed tube for access. Use pipe cleaner to remove all debris. Use compressed air when possible to remove all particles.
  2. A minor adjustment to your pilot tube setting may also remove this condition. Pilot light should be no larger than 1/4 to 1/2 inches tall for proper operation.
  3. Unit should be cleaned ever year.
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