Vent Free gas Heaters

Vent-Free Fan Convector Benefits
May 31, 2019 – 05:43 pm

Enhance the Comfort of the Spaces You Love

At Rinnai, a passion for creating products that perform at their very best has always driven us forward. That's why the new Rinnai Vent-Free Fan Convector is designed to give you an unmatched level of carefree coziness. It's a unique vent-free product that self-adjusts to keep the temperature in the room consistent and wonderfully comfortable.

Comfort, convenience and confidence are what we're known for. Rinnai's commitment to safety, quality and support have made us a long trusted name for pros and homeowners alike.

Looking for a cost-effective supplemental heating solution for nearly any living space-room additions, basements, sunrooms or beyond? You've just found it.

Advanced Heating Technology

Experience whole-room comfort with advanced heating technology.

If you have a room or area you'd love to enjoy year-round, this is truly the answer you've been waiting for. Simple to install and use, the Rinnai Vent-Free Fan Convector allows you to get the most comfort from your space in an extraordinarily efficient way.

  • Convection heating: A convection fan evenly distributes warm air throughout the space, providing comfort even in faraway corners.
  • Programmable options: Set the desired temperatures for consistently delivered comfort.
  • Simple solution: Designed to be professionally installed with ease in nearly any space, it's a fast way to start enjoying more comfort.

Decrease Energy Bills. Increase Comfort.

The Rinnai Vent-Free Fan Convector is one of the most fuel-efficient heating products on the market today. Utilizing either natural gas or liquid propane fuel, it can significantly reduce your energy bills.

  • No vents. No ducts: By eliminating places where heat typically gets lost, virtually all of the warm air gets delivered to the room-making for a solution that's 99.9% efficient.
  • Supplemental heating: Turn your room into your personal oasis with comfortably controlled temperatures specific to the space you are enjoying.
  • Can help reduce energy usage: With technology that regulates temperature output, the Rinnai Vent-Free Fan Convector operates in an incredibly cost-efficient manner.

Safely Heat Your Space

We design the products that surround you and your family with this in mind. That’s why the Rinnai Vent-Free Fan Convector is simple to use, efficient, and is built with the following safety features:

Cool-touch cabinet: While comfortably heating your space, the Vent-Free Fan Convector exterior remains cool to the touch.

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Popular Q&A
Do vent free gas heaters produce carbon monoxide? | Yahoo Answers

Under perfect circumstances, no they do not. However, vent free heaters DO put the products of combustion into the air you breathe. Oxides of nitrogen, sulphur dioxide and who knows what other nasty stuff over and above the carbon dioxide and water vapour..
Vent free appliances are ILLEGAL in all of Canada and many states. A lot of other countries have banned their use as well. They are only meant to be used as a decorative appliance, not a serious heat source. And especially not a primary heat source.
If you do not provide enough ventilation for complete combustion and also enough …

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