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Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – August 2015
September 1, 2014 – 02:07 pm

flourescence_micrograph_methanogens_cultured_from_antrim_well~120There is really only one world-class hydrocarbon play in Michigan: the Antrim Shale Formation. The Antrim Shale Formation has provided a sustained 20% of Michigan’s natural gas needs for decades. No other Michigan natural resource can come close to matching that contribution to Michigan energy production. Operators have a 90% success rate drilling Antrim wells.I don't know the official name for one of these, but I call it a On average, each Antrim well drilled will provide over half a billion cubic feet of natural gas. An Antrim well will only use a small amount of water and sand for completion (under ~10, 000 gallons of h2o). Antrim wells show a solid record with regard to ground water contamination issues given the thousands that have been drilled. Antrim wells have also played a part in the berthing of a natural gas pipeline network across Michigan to bring a high demand product to a hungry market. Michigan’s natural gas pipeline networks also connect to our gas storage fields, which are the #1 capacity fields in the United States. Michigan’s network of natural gas pipelines is an invaluable asset to Michigan’s clean energy future. The Antrim Shale has played an important part of Michigan’s energy past and deserves its due respect.Anna Martini Michigan citizens have heated their homes across our state and cleaned & dried countless baskets of laundry in part because of the Antrim Shale. Many comforts that our lifestyles and citizens demand are thanks in part to the Antrim Shale.

Michigan, however, can do much better toward providing our own energy independence than 20% of one sector of our energy consumption. We can invest in our energy future by building new infrastructure to turn garbage and other dirty fuels into a different kind of hydrocarbon called synthetic natural gas (SNG). Michigan & America can achieve 100% energy independence for our residential, industrial, and transportation needs while protecting ground water resources without the use of subsurface hydrocarbons. We can achieve 100% energy independence while we work toward responsibly eliminating crude oil and hydraulic fracturing from our energy mix.

Original petition exhibit from Highmount Midwest Energy LLC to Remember Fe2O3? This is rust forming in Whiting Petroleum Corp (NYSE: WLL) CO2 injection well niagaran
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  • Vintage Style PENNZOIL Thermometer
  • Officially Licensed Pennzoil Product
  • Made of metal and measures 18 long
  • Great addition to any den, garage, bar or MAN CAVE!
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