Entry level Oil and Gas jobs

Entry Level Offshore Oilfield Jobs
October 10, 2016 – 09:21 pm
  • Having a decent job I absolutely LOVED
  • Earning a nice wage
  • Being part of something that is important
  • Having some decent opportunities to move up the ladder

    And Best of All - Working only 6 months out of the year!

There is one thing I can tell you that is 100% true and can be verified by anyone who has ever worked out there. Working offshore is like NOTHING you will experience in any other type of job.

  • You will either love it or hate it
  • It will not take you long to find out

Age Requirements

Minimum - 18 in the US and Canada.

Maximum - I get this a lot. How old is too old? Some of you are up in your years and are wondering if you might be a bit over the hill. I can share some light on this from my personal experiences.

The last time I went out I was 52. Even though I was the next to oldest guy on my crew, I could still hook it up with the young bucks. It was a land based job but offered the same pay and benefits as offshore. I took it because I wanted to get the feel of the industry one last time before I retired and this was exactly the opportunity I needed:

  • Worked 7 and 7 out of Port Fourchon, in South Louisiana
  • Classified as a crane operator / mechanic-welder / roustabout supervisor
  • Most of the men were between the ages of 25 and 45
  • Next came 25 and younger
  • Last were the old timers like me, 45 to 63

I got teased a lot about what an old guy I was to still be working and that I needed to be in a home for the aged, etc. On my first yearly evaluation I was told "I was old, slow and tired out easy." How about that for positive input from management? I was doing a great job, but that just goes to show the mentality of those in "management". Some things never change.

I was fortunate to get the job, having had major back and knee surgery from an accident I sustained while working on a jack up rig offshore Nigeria. As safe as everyone tries to be, offshore is a very dangerous place to work.

If you choose this as your career you will run into some very backward thinking individuals. Hunker down, do your job to the best of your ability and don't let anyone push you around. Work is work. Pull your share of the load and everything else will be OK.

Whether you are too old depends on you. Any offshore entry level job is going to be physically demanding. You will be working a minimum of 12 hours a day, rain or shine for at least 7 days straight. You know your capabilities and limitations better than anyone.

Source: www.offshoreguides.com
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