Difference Between Gas and electric Dryers

Difference Between Electric and Gas Dryers
April 10, 2021 – 09:40 pm

dryerElectric vs Gas Dryers

Clothes dryers are common household appliances in many developed countries, particularly the united States. Millions of such appliances are manufactured every year. They are indeed valuable domestic devices as they are reliable, and make the chore of drying clothes and garments fast and easy. Additionally, the production cost of these appliances is very cheap and easy as well.

Principally, dryers are not as complicated as many people may think. A clothes dryer has a tumbler to hold the clothes, and a heater that heats the air that is drawn through it. The air that passes through heats up, and dries the clothes inside the tumbler, as the tumbler rotates for a balanced exposure. The water from the clothes will, of course, vaporize, and be sucked out by the dryer’s exhaust vent. These are the primary elements of clothes dryers. The heater, however, will generally have two ways to create heat. It is either by natural gas or by electric power. Thus, there are categorically two types of dryers, the electric dryer and the gas dryer.

Each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them:

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