8 Burner Gas Grill

So Much at Steak: 8 Tips for Buying the Right Gas Grill
November 2, 2019 – 10:13 am

Summer kicks off the grilling season in many parts of North America, and while a gas grill is a home appliance of sorts, it's nowhere as easy to purchase as a toaster or a blender. On the one hand, you could spend as little as $68 for this two-burner gas grill at Walmart (with in-store pickup, a low by $107). Or, you could opt for the mighty Kalamazoo K750HT Hybrid Fire Freestanding Grill, which packs 75, 000 BTUs of burger-searing firepower and boasts a 33" x 22" primary grilling surface. Its base sticker price? A cool $14, 795: enough to buy a Walmart grill for you and 200 of your closest pals, and still have change for a brat run to the supermarket.

Before you get burned, seared, or otherwise broiled on your gas grill search, here's a handy buying guide to landing the grill of your dreams: this checklist will help you separate necessities from the frills.

Pick Your Fuel Source

Using propane tanks is convenient and always having a spare tank around eliminates having to leave the BBQ to make a propane run. But natural gas is another fuel option; it'll cost you less in the long run, but you'll have to run a dedicated line from your home to the grill, and cheaper grills (under $300) aren't usually built to accommodate this option. You can outfit your propane grill for $100 or less with a natural gas conversion kit, but keep in mind that the grill you choose will otherwise take one fuel source and not the other.

How Will You Use Your Grill?

OK, we wise guy: We know you're going to cook food on this thing. But have you stopped to consider how much food and of what type? A good rule of thumb is that your grill should hold enough food to prepare a meal for as many people as you regularly cook for. If that's two, a small grilling surface will do. But if you love to entertain, then surface size matters — and the bigger the better. What's more, not all grills are equipped with the capability to, say, cook via rotisserie.

Grill Size: The Double-Edged Sword

Now let's suppose that you've decided on a large gas grill. In some ways, that's a wise decision because smaller grills tend to be less stable (though not necessarily less safe) and easier to steal, for starters. But that said, you don't want to buy the shiny, new grill, get it home, and discover that it doesn't fit on your deck. So take some measurements of where you want to set up your BBQ hub — especially if you live in an apartment or condo — to make sure you've got the size issue settled. When it comes to gas grills, especially less expensive ones, wider isn't automatically better: it's just wider.

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  • Grill King Models: 810-8425-S, 8108425-S, 8108425S, Grill King Part Numbers: 812-7140-0, Grillmaster model 720-0697, Master Cook Models: SRGG31B Presidents Choice...
Popular Q&A
how do you cleaner burners on a gas grill? | Yahoo Answers

Most of the burner manifolds can be removed easily. clear the area and check for a single screw or pin that holds it in place. Get it out and use a brass or steel wire brush to thoroughly clean it. You can also wash the manifold but be sure it dries thoroughly. Be sure you remember the exact position to replace it to once your cleaning is done.

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