Indoor Gas Grills

October 7, 2020 – 03:25 pm

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Before I even start, you can't use your outdoor grill inside, even in your garage. Charcoal and gas grills produce large amounts of carbon monoxide and even small amounts can kill you. I know this might seem obvious to you, but every year a dozen people are killed using an outdoor grill inside. Indoor grilling must be done on a grill or grill pan designed for indoor grilling.

Myths: Having said that, and feeling better about myself, it's time to dispel some of the myths about indoor grills and indoor grilling.

First of all, unless you are using a gas powered (and vented) indoor grill you can not even get close to the flavor of outdoor grilling in an indoor appliance. I don't care what anyone has told you, it's just not possible. Second, indoor grills don't produce safer and healthier foods. While outdoor grills can produce cancer-causing substances if you are not careful, so can indoor grills.

Any burning of fat causes these substances to form, so take care no matter how you grill. The last myth that needs to die once and for all is the whole notion that these indoor grilling machines make significant reductions in the amount of fat in foods.

Fat Reducing?: I know that I've just made about 50 million people mad but hear me out before you click on that back button. Going straight for the head of the nail let's look at the claims of the Salton Company's George Foreman Grill. These contact grills have the words “lean, mean fat reducing” printed right on the top of them. The disclaimer from Salton says that the grill reduces fat 4 percent more than pan frying. Say we pan fried a hamburger patty that was 20 percent fat.

If pan frying reduced the fat by 50 percent then the Foreman Grill would reduce the fat by 52 percent or 4 percent more. Not a big change. When Consumer Reports looked into the situation they found “no significant” difference between pan frying and the Foreman Grill. If you think about the fact that pan frying is one of the least healthy ways to cook, then you really need to take these claims for what they are, a great way to become one of the biggest selling appliances in the last ten years.

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Popular Q&A
Is there such thing as an "indoor gas grill" ? | Yahoo Answers

Yes, JennAir, GE, and Wolff all make a countertop installable indoor gas grills. They are rather high-end (expensive) and can be found at premium appliance centers like Famous Tates.
They are totally safe as far as fumes/smoke goes. They are usually installed with a powerful venting hood suspended overhead. Pretty neat rig, looks gorgeous, and the food tastes awesome. No comparison to the plug-in Gearge Foreman grill at all.

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