Fort Hill Natural Gas

Reading Your Meter
May 10, 2020 – 12:18 pm

Residential gas meters have one or two dials marked 10 feet or less. These should not be read. They are used for testing only.

The dials that record the amount of gas used are the four grouped together that are marked 1 thousand and over. (Larger meters will have five dials. Notice that each dial is numbered in the opposite direction from the dial next to it.)

Although your meter dials may not look quite like the ones here, these instructions can be used to read most residential meters. Each dial represents a single number in the reading.

CAUTION: The meter can be read easily without touching it or any of the parts. Tampering with the meter can be dangerous and it is illegal.

Read the meter dials right to left, writing down the numbers in the same order-right to left. If the hand points between two numbers, always use the lower number. When the hand points between nine and zero, always read it as nine.

When the hand seems to be directly on a number, look at the dial to the right. If the hand on that dial is on or just past zero, write down the number the hand is pointing toward on the dial you are reading.

If the hand on the dial to the right hasn't reached zero, write down the smaller number on the dial you are reading. When reading the far right hand dial, write down the number the hand appears to be pointing toward, because there is no dial to the right to check.

The correct reading for this meter is 7867. This means that 7867 hundred cubic feet of gas has passed through the meter since all dials were on zero. Another way to write this amount is 786, 700 cubic feet.

To compute your gas bill, the number of CCFs* used during the current billing period multiplied by the current BTU factor to determine the number of therms used.

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